Lion Selection

AuSelect announcements

13/04/07Lion Scheme Approved by Supreme Court of Victoria
13/04/07AuSelect Scheme Approved by Supreme Court of Victoria
03/04/07Results of Scheme Meeting – Shareholders Approve Merger Proposal
27/03/07Recommended Merger between AuSelect and Lion – Announcement of Final Terms
23/03/07Half Year Financial Report
28/02/07Confirmation of dispatch of Merger documentation (3.9MB, 269 pages)
16/02/07Recommended Merger with Lion Selection Group Limited – Court Approval
02/02/07Correction to Merger announcement
02/07/07AuSelect and Lion to proceed with Recommended Merger
30/01/07AuSelect makes investment in Austindo Resources
12/01/07African Lion 2 makes three new investments
22/12/06Asian Lion Makes First Investment: US$2 million Investment in Mindoro Resources Ltd
08/12/06Results of Meeting – AuSelect AGM
Lion and AuSelect – Potential Merger
Chairman’s Address – AuSelect AGM
Managing Director’s Presentation – AuSelect AGM
09/11/06Share Purchase Plan and General Share Sale Facility
20/10/06Compulsory Acquisition following AuSelect’s takeover bid for Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
12/10/06AuSelect’s advises African Lion 2 Limited makes a further investment of US$2.5 million in Albidon Limited
05/10/06AuSelect’s advises extension on Offer closing date for Sedimentary Holdings Ltd to 19 October 2006
29/09/06AuSelect Preliminary Final Report and Full Year Accounts (2.9 MB)
21/09/06AuSelect’s advises extension on Offer closing date for Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
20/09/06AuSelect’s ownership in Sedimentary Holdings Ltd now exceeds 80%
08/09/06Extension of Offer – Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
06/09/06Third Supplementary Bidder’s Statement – Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
04/09/06Sedimentary shareholders should ACCEPT AuSelect’s Offer
01/09/06Extension of Offer – Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
AuSelect’s offer for Sedimentary provides certainty and better value
29/08/06Second Supplementary Bidder's Statement – Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
22/08/06Supplementary Bidder’s Statement – Sedimentary Holdings Ltd
21/08/06AuSelect Net Tangible Asset Backing – Acquisition of Sedimentary
18/08/06AuSelect announces Status of Takeover Offer for Sedimentary Holdings
01/08/06Final AuSelect Bidder’s Statement as sent to Sedimentary Holdings’ shareholders (2.1MB)
31/07/06Platmin Limited initial public offering to raise C$45 million
19/07/06AuSelect announces register date for takeover bid of Sedimentary
18/07/06AuSelect’s Bidder’s Statement for Sedimentary (3.4 MB)
14/07/06AuSelect announces proposed acquisition of Sedimentary
06/07/06AuSelect announces Platmin update: significant resource increase (4.4MB)
03/07/06AuSelect announces Asian Lion established: US$7 million investment
22/06/06African Lion and African Lion 2 make further investments in Albidon Limited
08/05/06Botswana Africa Mining Fund invests in African Lion 2 Limited
04/04/06African Lion and African Lion 2 Limited make further investments in Platmin Limited and Sphere Investments Limited
27/03/06AuSelect increases ownership in African Lion
24/03/06AuSelect invests an additional $3 million in Lafayette Mining
02/03/06AuSelect sells holding in Gallery Gold
15/02/06African Lion 2 makes investment in Adamus Resources Limited