Lion Selection


23/12/11One Asia Resources (Asian Lion 25%)
13/12/11NTA Backing as at 30 November 2011
07/12/11Notice of Initial Director’s Interest – B J K Sullivan
02/12/11Final Director’s Interest Notice – E W J Tyler
Changes to Lion Selection Group Board
01/12/11Annual General Meeting Chairman’s Address
01/12/11Results of Annual General Meeting
14/11/11NTA Backing as at 31 October 2011
10/11/11Change of Director’s Interest Notice – R A Widdup
08/11/11Change of Director?’s Interest Notice – R A Widdup
31/10/11Changes to Lion Selection Group Board
31/10/11Notice of Annual General Meeting
21/10/11Copperbelt Minerals Update
13/10/11NTA Backing as at 30 September 2011
16/09/11NTA Backing as at 31 August 2011
19/08/11Updated Net Tangible Asset Backing
17/08/11NTA Backing as at 31 July 2011
14/07/11NTA Backing as at 30 June 2011
07/06/11NTA Backing as at 31 May 2011
13/05/11NTA Backing as at 30 April 2011
12/04/11NTA Backing as at 31 March 2011
11/03/11NTA Backing as at 28 February 2011
07/02/11NTA Backing as at 31 January 2011
14/01/11NTA Backing as at 31 December 2010
05/01/11New Board Appointment & Changes to Managing Director Position