Lion Selection

Lion Manager

Lion Manager Pty Limited is a specialist mining investment team that provides investment management services to Lion Selection Group.

  • Lion Manager was founded in 1997 by Robin Widdup to manage the investments of Lion Selection Group.
  • Members of the Lion Manager investment team have extensive mining industry experience and network, which enables a rapid assessment of investment opportunities.
  • Focused: Lion Manager is a sole purpose manager – focused exclusively on managing the investments of Lion Selection Group.
  • Track record: profit/loss and multiple on investment for all divestments made by Lion Manager in the chart below.

Track Record<

Management Agreement

Lion Selection Group entered into a Management Agreement with Lion Manager, under which Lion Manager provides the Company with management and investment services. These arrangements were approved by shareholders at Lion Selection Group’s AGM on 5 December 2012, with ongoing management fees of 1.5% p.a. based on the direct investments under management. There is an incentive applicable which would apply where Lion’s performance outperforms a benchmark. In addition, up to a 12 month termination fee may be applicable should Lion Selection Group seek to terminate the management agreement. Further details of the Management Agreement are set out in the Notice of Meeting for the 2012 AGM, available on this website. In addition, from 1 August 2013 Lion has requested Lion Manager provide comprehensive Investor Relations services associated with Lion’s ASX listing for $12,500 + GST per month. These arrangements are reviewed annually and may be terminated without fee.